Plight Crisis Pregnancy Centre

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36 Campbell Street
Port Alfred
South Africa

About Us

Our mission is to demonstrate love and respect, through compassionate service, to all in our community who encounter pregnancy as a crisis.

We provide a safe, caring and non-pressured environment, seeking to empower those facing unplanned pregnancies to make informed choices, and facilitating the recovery process for those experiencing post-abortion and other pregnancy-related trauma.

We offer free and confidential non-medical services – including pregnancy testing, ultrasound, counselling, education, resources and mentoring – providing safe referrals for services that will improve the wellbeing of our clients. 

We advocate for birth mothers choosing adoption, and work closely with registered social workers in various parts of the country to inspire solutions for orphan and vulnerable babies. 

Our extensive network of partnerships with local and national individuals and organisations, allows us to offer a broad service portfolio to the girls, women and families we serve. 

We are passionate about empowering women to effect positive change in their lives and families, cultivating a life-honouring culture within our community, and affirming the inherent value of humanity.