METRO Youth Program, Goodwill of Southern Arizona

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About Us

The METRO Youth Program serves youth ages 14-24 years who were in the juvenile justice system in the last 12 months. We assist them with their goals, connect them to the community, provide career pathways, and give a sense of purpose for the future.

METRO’s 4th Ave. Center is a “hub,” a safe place for youth members to drop-in to feel a sense of community and to access support and resources. The Center offers its members access to caring case managers, academic and job skills mentors, computers, training workshops, support services, and social events with peers.

Members will also earn monthly stipends for setting goals and striving after them. Staying on a positive path has never been so rewarding.


  • A comfortable & safe place to explore your opportunities
  • Career Development & Exploration
  • Help with job applications & interview skills
  • Mentoring & Education
  • Paid Training & incentives for your commitment & reaching milestones; and
  • Participation in community events & giving back with service projects.