Young Disciples Youth Center

  • New Mexico


4616 2nd Street Northwest
New Mexico
United States

About Us

There's no other organizations out there that is doing what we are intending to do, nothing like this! There are church programs that offer help and counseling but allot of the young generation shy away from a church atmospheres. So young disciples youth center we'll approach in a different way. We offer fun games events Holy hip-hop dance night movie night car shows outside concerts workshops diet and exercise classes Recording studio and a lot more.we will use these tools as bait to attract the kids, then once we have them we can slowly start introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ which leads to our Ministry services. As a retired law enforcement officer, I have 20 years of corrections.and it saddens me that our young generation is failing in everyday life situations. they're getting Younger and younger picking up more serious and violent crimes. they have no Direction in life! And it upsets me that nobody seems to care, and nothing's is being done about it. That's why the Lord put it in my heart to do this.I just want to make a difference to help these young men and women which's is our future! I spent my whole life savings just in paperwork and 501(c)(3) State recognition website and a lot of other things like for the facility. And it have been all out of pocket. so I asking for a blessing for help.