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About Us

AULA Purpose Statement

Antioch University Los Angeles provides rigorous progressive education to prepare students for the complexities of today's diverse societies. Combining dynamic scholarship and creative endeavor with experiential learning and reflective practice, AULA fosters personal and collective agency, global citizenship, and socially conscious leadership. Our Values Antioch University Los Angeles values and commits to:

  • Global perspectives and knowledge of the interconnected context in which we act
  • Coalitions across groups for building common ground
  • Social justice, support for a sustainable environment and community partnerships
  • Anti-racism as an imperative of the historical movement in which we live
  • Human dignity and dismantling ethnic biases, heterosexism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, and discrimination based on religious, cultural and political affiliations, and other forms of oppression
  • An intellectual climate that acknowledges the whole person, focusing on wisdom, creativity, expression, experience and skills needed to promote social change

Antioch University values and nurtures an innovative, reflective and experiential approach to educational excellence. We build on our history and foster creativity and leadership with our community. We are focused on compassion, ethical steadfastness and a never-ending belief that change is possible.