Rural Action for Comprehensive Enlightenment (RACE INDIA)

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About Us

Genesis RACE INDIA is secular, Non-Political Organisation aiming social transformation through peoples participation at all levels. It was grown in promoting a harmonious cooperation between various talents and professions for development of the deprived sections of the society. It is originated with challenge against the exploited, unjust systems and structures in the society and intervened with cultural and sociological enquires to improve the quality of life and bring a change within the society at all levels. The team consisting of energetic guided by learned professors, progressive lawyers and Doctors with the leadership of experienced energetic president whose motivation and initiation lead to the emergence of RACE INDIA. Rural Action for Comprehensive Enlightenment (RACE INDIA) is a Non-profitable Humanitarian Grassroots Relief and Development Facilitator to promote transformed communities with an assured sustainability. RACE INDIA serves children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.It is an organization that serves for the comfort of the poor and marginalized. Ideology RACE INDIA is in an effort to enable women and underprivileged communities to realize their hidden & unexplored strengths, build their self esteem & improve their living conditions. The purpose of the organization is financial freedom and economic independence of marginalized communities especially focusing women who are in need of help to take control of their lives. Unorganized communities, who are destitute, deserted, deprived, socially and economically backward are supported, where they gather hope and gain confidence to anchor their lives independently. So far the RACE INDIA has supported many poor people in need and is continuing to do so.

RACE INDIA believes that poor communities are dynamic economic agents, not passive beneficiaries of social services, and that successful economic development has women as its focus. RACE INDIA shares commitment to building economic sustainable integrated services for rural women. It supports local initiative, and trust that local practitioners and institutions are best able to decide the right service, as well as the most appropriate delivery mechanisms, that will move the rural women from survival to growth. Presence RACE INDIA at present has spread in 50 selected communities of 20 Mandals of both Prakasam and Kurnool districts serving selectively people over 60000 from 12000 families which roughly include 15000 focused children. There are as many as 100 CBOs and 100 volunteers with whom the community level partnerships have been growing stronger steering the journey of community development towards sustainability.