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About Us

Living Earth Television is preparing a series of four award-winning documentaries by Chinese directors for broadcast on PBS World Channel. Next steps include the creation of teaching modules built around the films and the expansion of sources to Southeast Asian and African filmmakers and their countries.


Living Earth Television (LETV) locates, licenses and adapts existing documentaries for international broadcast and education. Our focus is on finding documentaries made by filmmakers who are from the communities and cultures they document, offering an insider’s perspective. We work with the original filmmakers to adapt their films for new audiences internationally, through culturally-sensitive translations that make the films accessible for the audiences.

The potential of documentary to teach about other cultures, and to promote understanding and respect, is boundless. Exposure to the ordinary lives, communities, challenges and joys of others around the world helps to dissolve misconceptions and prejudices that underlie ethnic hatred and violence. (The widely circulated and variously attributed quote, “ignorance is curable,” could be our motto.) Our ultimate goal is to help create venues and curate content for the global sharing of cultural and environmental documentaries originating all over the world, in the languages of a variety of regions.