Divine Preparatory Schools, Gomba

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About Us

Project Summary

Divine preparatory schools was initiated on 2/Jan/2011 by Mr. Elisha Baker Tamale in partnershipwith the community, and it was registered in April 2013

The school currently has 350 pupils, with 15 teachers on rented and temporal structures. DPS is registered with the ministry of Education and licensed to operate as private primary school in Uganda. The school is located in a rural area 70 miles along the Mpigi - Maddu Road, in Mpenja Sub county of Gomba District, Central Region of the Republic of Uganda.

DPS in a bid to contribute toward the prevention, rehabilitation, education and resettlement of orphans and other vulnerable children, we have set up a primary school with a Kindergarten which runs from nursery to Upper primary (P.7). The school gathers children who are orphan those that live with the elderly, those affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, among other vulnerabilities.

We have temporal structures where we conduct our classes and as an organization, we aim at setting a good foundation for the Orphans and other vulnerable children to allow them access equitable quality education to help them achieve their purposeful future. We look towards setting a good learning environment, one of which is having permanent classroom blocks.

The ultimate objective of this project is to provide sufficient, quality, and standard building infrastructures for the DP Schools thereby enabling the school to effectively transfer its activities from the current rented premises to the permanent site.

The direct beneficiaries of this project is the 350 pupils that pass through this school, parents, teachers and 100,000 inhabitants of Mpenja Sub-county.

About Us

Divine Preparatory Schools (DPS) gives vulnerable communities the opportunity to take charge of their future by sharing information about education, training, and the provision of appropriate tools and skills to sustain children and the community towards self-sufficiency, holistic, and productive balanced lives. DPS is inspired to support the vulnerable and underprivileged people in the community via the local people who are neighbors, friends and part of the community. Children are given the tools and support to attend schools and get involved in creative and nurturing activities.

Legal Status

Divine Preparatory Schools is a legally registered and licensed school with the Ministry of Education in Uganda DPS is able to raise money from the public as well as government and foundation grants. DPS is dedicated to aiding those less fortunate with the focus on vulnerable children. DPS operates as an independent non-profit and community Based organization. Its purpose includes providing a valuable education to poor and underprivileged children of Uganda.

Vision Statement

Train a rural child with all round type of education in a well facilitated rural setting to inspire development in the country.

Mission Statement

To teach equally both girls and boys from the rural community and promote individual household earning to facilitate education.

This connection will not only raise awareness but will begin the process of establishing a better life for children in Uganda.

Core Values

We are non-denominational,

So we take all people equally,

We offer quality education,

We work for equality – boys and girls are the same.

Problem Statement and Justification:

The Government of Uganda values the importance of education. It aims at providing quality and relevant education. The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) has embarked on the implementation of Universal Primary Education (UPE) since 1997. Under this program the government pays for up to four children per family and the parents contribute to the scholastic materials needed in school. Soon, the government has also introduced Universal Secondary Education (USE), which is also intended for secondary students to access free education. Government has not been in position to provide all the facilities to pupils, because of inadequate funds coupled with mismanagement of the little available. This has left especially the orphans and more Vulnerable Children and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) disadvantaged. Most orphans and PHAs have not been able to continue with education because of poverty-stricken families that do not have the necessities within their families to cater for them while others now live on streets and each from rubbish bins. Of late, there has been a wide spread number of strikes by the teachers, due to lack of pay or inadequate pay from the teachers; this is one of the reasons why the quality of education is not of the required standard. For example, a student who has studied up to primary seven may not be able to speak or construct a sentence in English.

The project’s goals work well with the government’s policy of promoting quality education through other organizations like NGOs and CBOs’ support and private sector support. This is because it has been realized that education is a powerful tool for transforming society and the economy as well. Education plays a key role in achieving moral, intellectual, ideological, cultural, economic and social development of people in the society. At the same time, education facilitates national unity, democracy, economic progress and security of the people. Education liberates people from the viscous cycle of poverty, dependence, ignorance, disease, indignity and helps in building a self-reliant nation with a sustainable independent economy. Primary school enrollment is low in non-governmental schools and in governmental schools. In comparison to the youth population this number is almost insignificant to those who have acquired education. There are many orphans and PHAs who have not acquired adequate education.

DPS among other projects runs a nursery and a primary school in the names of Divine preparatory schools, the youth Programs, Orphanage home, Divine Demonstration Farm (DDF), Women and Elderly Programs and Health programs. The school has temporary rented structures where we conduct lessons. These are exposed to effects of bad weather such as dust in the dry season, which is a danger to the health of the children.

Also the confidence of the stakeholders in the project is affected. To prevent these effects, we look forward to constructing a permanent structure of four classrooms and with your support we believe there shall be an impact in the lives of these OVCs (Orphans and other vulnerable children).

Project goal

To provide sufficient, quality, and standard building infrastructures for the DP Schools thereby enabling the school to effectively transfer its activities from the current rented premises to the permanent site.

Project Objectives

To provideQuality education for 350 pupil delivered through creation of Pupils friendly learning spaces;

• To improve standards of life among teaching staff at DP Schools.

• To increase enrolments up to 500 pupils and enhancement of habitable classrooms