Fourth World Movement New York

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172 First Avenue
New York
United States

About Us

Fourth World Movement is a network of people in poverty and those from other backgrounds who work in partnership towards overcoming the exclusion and injustice of persistent poverty. Our projects focus on the sharing of knowledge among people of different backgrounds in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity. We then seek out and create forums where the voice and experience of those in poverty can influence public opinion and policy. A corps of full-time, long-term volunteers spearheads this work, but relies on members from all walks of life. As the United States branch of the International Movement ATD Fourth World, we have teams in New York, Washington, DC, Southwestern Virginia, and New Orleans.

Programs and projects are based on three basic principles:

  • The inalienable dignity of each human being
  • The necessity to learn from families in poverty
  • The responsibility of all people to unite to overcome the injustices of poverty