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About Us

INTERNATIONAL RELIEF ACTION, GHANA is a non-profit, non-governmental Christian relief and development organization that addresses issues that hinder the development of children by providing relief and other social development interventions whiles spreading the gospel of Christ among them in Ghana.

We join hands with communities and rural churches in identifying their strengths that can help create opportunities for children to have sound spiritual and social life whilst growing.

We see the church as an agent of change in the development of children in rural communities. In partnership with rural churches and communities, we identify needy children that need care and support. We walk on a journey of teaching them Christian values, character building, and other life skills whilst educating them to be the agents of change.

What We Do


Since the inception of this organization, our child evangelism program has become a flagship program. With our little resources, we always endeavor to evangelize to children. Let them have fellowship with God. Under this program, this is what we do to make sure our beneficiary children felt loved;

  • Feeding children
  • Providing Shelter or clothing
  • Education Support
  • Christian character building

We support needy children with relief items such as books, bags, cloths whiles teaching them about Jesus Christ.

Our child evangelism program does a lot to these children, from socializing with other children to learning new things like songs and plays.


As an organization, health is important to us. We see the need to educate our children’s parents to be responsible for their environment. We priorities activities that can help us prevent endemics such as cholera, typhoid, and malaria etc. We also understand the dynamics in growing from childhood into adulthood; it has, therefore, become very important that we educate our youths about HIV/AIDS, STIs, and other epidemics. We call this program “TEEN HEALTH EDUCATION”

We partner Health Centers, professionals for health outreaches to give preventive or curative education to our young people in schools and churches.


Community Development initiatives are very crucial in our evangelism mission. Our children are part of the community; this is where they lived with their parents so it is important we engage in sustainable community projects.

In this regard; we unify communities in vision and train them to identify their most critical needs, biggest dreams and God-given resources.

We believed that every community has something to augment what they need. As Christians it is important we look at what we have within our immediate surroundings that can be a solution to what we need. In the book of Mathew 15:34 …33 The disciples replied, “Where in this desolate place can we find enough bread to feed such a large crowd?” 34“How many loaves do you have?”Jesus asked. “Seven, they replied, “and a few small fish.” 35And He directed the crowd to sit down on the ground.

We further engage communities to know their level of need, their desire to have that need met. Their desire to contribute time, energy and other material resources to that need and what expectations the need will meet when provided.

As part of our sustainable community development initiatives, we will empower our children’s mothers, single mothers with some micro-enterprise training, basic bookkeeping, and literacy programs as well. We also intend to empower our young adults with skills trainingThis will help them become independent and assimilate well into the society.