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About Us

Koa Sports League is a nonprofit youth sports organization celebrating its 5th year anniversary. We follow four Core Values: Positive. Dedicated. Team-First. Fun.

Koa is committed to shaping kids' lives through sports. Through the following approach, Koa aims to develop each child to his or her full potential as an athlete and a person:

Employing trained and dedicated professional coaches and instructors who operate under the supervision and management of our full time professional staff

Providing a positive community for our young athletes and their families

Using sports as a vehicle to teach life lessons like hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and coping with adversity

While many of our young athletes will enjoy long, successful playing careers in high school and beyond, we recognize not all are destined for professional, college, or even high school competition. Whatever the sport, activity or level of competition, Koa's basic philosophy is the same – shaping kids' lives through sports. Consistent with this philosophy, Koa affords its young athletes the opportunity to develop in their sport of choice and, ultimately, in the game of life.