Sawmill Community Land Trust

  • NM

About Us

Sawmill Community Land Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to develop vibrant, prosperous neighborhoods through the creation and stewardship of permanently affordable housing and sustainable economic opportunities. We take a comprehensive approach to the housing challenges faced by families and demonstrate a 360-degree, long-term commitment to community development. We:

• Prepare clients for homeownership through HUD-certified housing education and financial counseling

• Create and preserve permanently affordable rental housing and homes for sale under the CLT model

• Provide post-purchase support and guidance to CLT homeowners because it's not just about buying a home, it's about keeping it!

• Engage grassroots participation in the development and growth of communities on a variety of issues, getting people involved from traffic & zoning issues to housing & economic issues

• Connect CLT residents, citizen leaders, and neighborhood associations with resources through referrals and advocacy to support and strengthen households and build community

Our services are targeted to households with low- and moderate-incomes. But while our clients share a similar economic circumstance, they represent a diverse group of people, lives, and experiences. They are single men and women, couples, and families. They are young and old. They work as teachers, social workers, artists, auto mechanics, waiters, hair stylists, and caterers. They are retirees managing their households on fixed incomes and part-time jobs.

Our clients are hard working, responsible people willing to do the necessary work to build a better future but undercut by increasingly unaffordable home prices, by unsafe, poor quality housing choices, or by a lack of adequate resources.