Online Graduate Programs in Human Rights Practice at the University of Arizona

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About Us

The wholly online Masters degree and graduate certificate in Human Rights Practice are professionally oriented programs designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge, critical perspectives, and practical skills to advance human rights around the globe.

Students will graduate with a portfolio of applied work, a large network of contacts, and marketable skills for the practice and application of human rights.

  • The fully online programs are designed both for individuals currently employed as well as for full time students. 
  • The MA can be earned within one calendar year, though most students will take 18 months, and the certificate, consisting of 12 credits, can be completed within 4-9 months. 
  • Both programs are designed to combine theoretical and methodological training with practical skills and applications as students are encouraged to interact, get involved, and engage the world, all while receiving a degree in human rights from a recognized and well-respected university