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About Us

About Us

Wediko is committed to improving children's lives. Using a strength-based approach, Wediko responds to the needs of children who face repeated obstacles to development due to social, emotional, behavioral, and learning issues. Through a continuum of flexible services and multidisciplinary training programs, Wediko develops enduring partnerships with children, families, schools, and the community. Wediko strives to capture success and to restore a sense of competence and hope.

The wediko way

Wediko helps children and families with social, emotional, and academic challenges walk the path to fulfilling, productive futures. Here’s how:

·        Commitment to long-term results since 1934

·        Treating a wide range of psychological profiles

·        Philosophy of least restrictive environment

·        Consistent adult connectedness for every child

·        Rigorous support network coordination

Our Programs

Four mental Health Programs with One Goal: Helping each child achieve lasting change.

Wediko New Hampshire

The Wediko School- Located on 450 lakefront acres in New Hampshire, Wediko School is a residential treatment center offering therapeutic and educational services for middle and high school aged boys experiencing significant social-emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges.

Wediko Summer Program-New Hampshire- Located on our New Hampshire Campus, the Wediko Summer Program is a 45-day residential treatment program serving boys and girls ages 9-19 with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. The children who come to Wediko are referred by schools, educational consultants, and clinicians from across the country who believe a fresh-air, therapeutic experience can create positive change

Wediko Boston- For more than 30 years, Wediko has partnered with Massachusetts schools to promote the inclusion and success of students who face multiple barriers to learning. Having been “on the ground” with school staff for three decades, we understand the challenge of creating inclusive learning communities. Wediko supports the success and development of staff and students alike. Close collaboration with school staff, families, and other service providers supports positive environments in which children can feel safe to grow and achieve success.

Wediko NY- Wediko NY partners with schools looking to increase capacity for meeting students’ social-emotional and mental health needs; develop proactive, school-wide interventions and supports; and improve family and community engagement. Students with various backgrounds, diagnoses, and challenges to learning are given the necessary supports to find success.