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About Us

RRC (the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College) is the primary organization of the Jewish Reconstructionist movement. We offer progressive rabbinical education and serve the Reconstructionist congregational community; RRC is the first combination of this kind in the Jewish world. We are committed to our roots in tradition, to egalitarianism and inclusion, and to helping Jewish communities flourish.

Rabbinical education: At RRC, students engage intensively with Jewish texts, thought and practice, and gain expertise as well as practical training. Each graduate enhances the movement and the greater Jewish community with a unique vision that integrates Jewish knowledge, dedication to the Jewish people, spiritual maturity, interpersonal skills and integrity.

Services for the community: We work to build Jewish communities that are spiritually and intellectually vibrant, and committed to Jewish learning, ethics and social justice. The movement provides publications, consulting services and resources to more than 100 affiliated congregations and havurot. We also promote Reconstructionist values among our youth through No’ar Hadash—the Reconstructionist youth movement—and Camp JRF.