Tyler Nicole Foundation Incorporated

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P.O. Box #340355
United States

About Us

The Tyler Nicole Foundation will provide comfort, care, and support to families that experience the loss of a child or have a child with a life threatening illness. This will include miscarriages, deaths caused by infants born prematurely, stillborn births, abortions, childhood illnesses, etc. We will provide services including financial aid, bedside assistance, funeral arrangements, counseling, etc. in an attempt to help ease the burden on the parents and their families, financial and otherwise. Our goal is to help ease the grieving process in any way so that the families can better cope with their loss, and get on with their lives. We will also help parents that have high risk pregnancies, and children with life threatening illnesses get them the help they need as to help them get through so that they can have a healthy child. The organization will help educate and bring about public awareness to the enormity of the widespread problems caused by infant loss, premature births, problems during pregnancy, and childhood illnesses. We will like to make the public aware of the importance of research, the critical need for prenatal care, the need for referrals to high risk pregnancy doctors, education, etc. to help lower the mortality rate. This will be done through the staging of social events, classes, workshops, exhibitions, recreational entertainment, etc., designed to socialize and familiarize the American people with the plight of infant loss.