Coalition For Educational Partnerships

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About Us

The Coalition for Educational Partnerships is a Professional Development Organization For Educators and Families of K-12 Students. The mission of the Coalition for Educational Partnerships (CEP) is to assist educators, parent and family members and community-based organizations in supporting all children to reach their highest potential and increase their readiness for a post-secondary college education. Our experience suggests that deep and lasting organizational and institutional change takes time and involves collective effort and commitment and the cornerstone of our educational philosophy and practice is working with our district and school partners to facilitate the creation of cultures and systems that promote educational opportunity and equity for all students. To that end, the Coalition for Educational Partnerships provides professional development services in:

  • Leadership Team Development
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Evidence-Based Teaching
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Response To Intervention
  • Assessment and Evaluation

Additionally, CEP fundamentally believes in the transformative impact that family and community engagement can have on student achievement. CEP's Family and Community Engagement Services are designed to:

  • Recognize and build upon the social capital and currency of families and communities
  • Foster the building of family learning within the context of understanding school and community culture
  • Facilitate stronger relationships and collaboration between schools, families and communities