Campaign for Stronger Democracy

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1050 17th Street, Ste 350
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About Us

The Campaign for a Stronger Democracy is a new coalition of advocates, scholars, civic organizations, public officials and concerned citizens who are working to create a strong, vibrant democracy, rooted in a belief that our democratic institutions can rise to the challenges facing our nation.

The Campaign emerged from a series of convenings, called Strengthening Our Nation’s Democracy, that brought together a diverse group of democracy reformers working on campaign finance reform, collaborative governance, electoral reform, immigrant civic inclusion, media reform, public deliberation, transparency, and other aspects of our democracy. The meetings — organized by AmericaSpeaks, Demos, Everyday Democracy and faculty from Harvard’s Ash Center for Democratic Innovation and Governance — sought to increase communication and collaboration across the democracy reform community.

Participants from the Strengthening Our Nation’s Democracy conferences have come together to form the Campaign out of the recognition that an ongoing partnership is needed to support collaboration and create a stronger reform movement.