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About Us

Geoinformatic Applications (GA) is an interdisciplinary nonprofit online organization focused on providing innovative geospatial solutions. The organization aims to:

- provide scientifically-based decision-support systems to technical and non-technical users, and - apply GIS tools and technologies to a variety of research and industry problems.

GA accomplishes these aims through the Section on Research and Analysis which employs state-of-the-art technology in geographic information systems, remote sensing and statistical analysis. Currently the Section utilizes ArcGIS 9.3, ERDAS Image 9.1, ENVI 4.7, IDRISI Andes, ER Mapper 7.1, R 2.10.1, Maxent 3.3.2, ILWIS 3.6, DIVA-GIS, SAGA.

The organization also provides expertise to establishments that are initiating their own in-house geospatial operations and conducts projects for those that have no geospatial capabilities of their own.

GA is linked to the information platform The Geospatial Technologist.