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About Us

International Smile Power partners with people to improve and sustain dental health and build bridges of friendship around the world.

What Our Volunteers Do

  • Our volunteers provide dental care, supplies, and education about disease prevention to under-served populations, at home in Washington State, and in developing nations.
  • Dental and humanitarian volunteers train local people to take responsibility for preventive education and care within local populations.
  • Smile Power provides greatly needed supplies and equipment with funds donated by our generous suppporters.
  • Our volunteers provide opportunities for humanitarian outreach to our local school children and other interested people so that we can all experience giving as a true source of fulfillment.
  • We work to develop bridges of love and understanding between all peoples so that we become a planet of friendly neighbors instead of strangers.

Just Imagine...

Imagine a two day trek to a remote village in Nepal and along the way meeting isolated people with rich cultures but no electricity. Imagine children with huge cavities, some sick and even dying from infected teeth. Imagine realizing that you can help save lives by providing emergency treatment for these people. Imagine starting an organization to help save lives in underserved regions of the world and imagine returning home with a new understanding of the world and a sense of fullfilment that stays with you for the rest of your life.

This §501(c)(3) nonprofit organization continues to provide permanent solutions to these problems. Dental care professionals and supplies are needed. The dream is to provide dental care at new healthcare centers to underserved populations around the world through a rotating staff of volunteer professionals.

Sound Interesting?

If you're the adventurous type and want to help, imagine seeing the world while providing care for beautiful, loving people in isolated exotic places. Then contact us for more information about volunteering by filling an online volunteer form! See the calendar of this year's planned trips. If you can help with money, equipment, or supplies, we can use that too!

Please visit us out at!

Thank you for your interest!