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About Us

TEUK SAAT 1001 is a Cambodian non-governmental organization created as an offshoot of a safe drinking water supply project in rural area in partnership with the French NGO “1001 fontaines pour demain”. The first stage of the initiative started in 2005, in North West Cambodia.

TEUK SAAT 1001 been engaged since 2007 in Cambodia in the cooperation with 1001Fontaines, where it has developed an en-to-end project including the installation of small water treatment facilities run by village operators, as well as targeted support to build entrepreneurial capacities, achieve auto-financing and raise communities’ awareness of water issues. Because children are the most vulnerable to water-borne diseases, the project also includes the supply of safe drinking water to primary schools in every target commune, free of charge.

To date, around 80 rural communes in 15 Provinces have been equipped with their own safe water production facility, enabling more than 150 000 people to drinking purified water every day. The technology used involves micro-filtration and UV disinfection and relies on solar energy.

His ambition in the long term is to install 250 water treatment plants in the 250 Communes of Cambodia by the end of 2016 which ultimately serve between 0,5 to 1 million villagers. Approximately 1,000 full-time jobs will be created out of this program.

TEUK SAAT 1001 core value is SHARE, i.e. Sustainability, Health, Accountability, Relationship, Empowerment.