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About Us

if I had a hammer is a new online volunteering site that connects folks with time or resources -- in any amount -- with visionary NGOs around the world who could really put 'em to good use.

have an old camera you need to rehome? love to play with Picasa now and then? whatever you've got to offer -- a dozen computers or a single beautiful photo, a couple of hours a week or a couple of hours a year -- why not put this to work for a cause you care about?

are you an NGO who needs help developing your website? editing your grant applications? come to ifihadahammer.org to request assistance, including on-site volunteers and non-monetary material resources, and to browse what's already available.

ifihadahammer.org emphasizes online volunteering (any assistance that can be mediated via the web or e-mail) as a way of broadening the range and reach of volunteers available to grassroots NGOs around the world.