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About Us

Queen Sheba Village focuses on the well being of women and children in rural Senegal, West Africa. Our education, health and business-building programs help impoverished families become financially independent. We seek to create conditions where small villages are modernized, economically stable and better connected to Greater Senegal.


When empowered women can financially support themselves and their families, they are ensured health, secured education, child protection and upward mobility in society. Infant mortality is reduced. As prosperous business owners, these women are also better able to contribute to their own communities to combat unemployment, poverty, hunger and violence.


QSV offers ongoing events to aid, educate and advance women and the rest of community, such as organising health, education and food and clothing drives in various communities throughout the country. QSV offers women classes and workshops in small business entrepreneurship, such as micro-credit economics, health care and advanced education. This education will allow women to enter into a business that will allow them to care for themselves and to contribute back their community in a significant and impactful way.