Annex Cat Rescue

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About Us

The Annex Cat Rescue began as a group of volunteers living primarily in the Annex neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We now have members from all over the city. We share a common bond -- a love of cats and concern for their welfare. We are a non-profit organization and have no government funding.

It is our goal to eliminate cruelty to animals by providing for the fostering and adoption of cats that are homeless, abandoned, or where their owners (through illness, age, or death) can no longer care for them. We try to educate members of our community regarding the proper care of cats and to provide information aimed at reducing the feral, homeless, and abandoned populations. Throughout the year, we assist in the feeding of many feral cat colonies.

We rescue homeless cats and place them in temporary foster homes. They receive necessary veterinary care (e.g. de-worming, vaccination, spaying/neutering).

Through fostering we provide a loving environment in a real home, where traumatized cats can recover and blossom. We have a no-kill policy: cats remain in foster care until a permanent home is found.

We carefully screen prospective "adopters," insisting that cats be kept indoors and not be declawed. Adopters can visit the cats in their foster homes.

We go to great lengths to find the right cat for you. We always have a good selection of cats and kittens of all descriptions, and fostering allows us to get to know the cats intimately.

We charge a modest adoption fee (which does not cover all our costs). If an adoption does not work out, the cat is always welcome back into the group. We also work with feral cats.