YaLa Africa

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About Us

Founded in February 2013 as a Facebook-based movement, YaLa Africa is dedicated to the empowerment of youth across the African continent. With 160,000+ members from over 20 African nations – including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria – we are the largest online pan-African youth movement to date. Close to 50% of our members are within the age range of 15-24 years old. YaLa Africa provides a platform for dialogue, cooperation and action on issues facing these youth, like health and HIV/AIDS, gender equality, nutrition, economic development, and cultural expression, among others.

Our mission is to promote youth-led change for peace and development by serving as a source of knowledge and information sharing through both our online and field presence. In the field, we aim to fight malnutrition by focusing on vulnerable women and children since improving the nutritional status of children and their mothers translates into increased health, educational outcomes and economic productivity for entire nations.

We currently run field projects in Kigali, Rwanda and Freetown, Sierra Leone.