Cuyamaca College

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900 Rancho San Diego Parkway
El Cajon
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About Us

Since 1978, Cuyamaca College has provided a solid education to students, whether they're beginning their university degree at Cuyamaca, returning to school to launch a career or to acquire new skills or enrolling in an innovative occupational program.With its vision of "Learning for the Future," Cuyamaca College offers a wide scope of challenging courses, from drafting technology and child development to paralegal training, from computer and information science or ornamental horticulture to automotive technology. With 91 degree programs and 74 certificates offered at Cuyamaca College, learning opportunities abound under the tutelage of highly-qualified, dynamic instructors imbued with a love of teaching.

The mission of Cuyamaca College is to serve a diverse community of students who seek to benefit from the college's wide range of educational programs and services.

In order to fulfill its commitment to student learning, success and equity, the college provides:

  • Instructional programs that meet student needs for transfer education, career technical education, general education and basic skills courses

  • Programs that promote economic, civic and cultural development

To facilitate this mission, Cuyamaca College provides a comprehensive range of support services including: outreach, access, student success and equity initiatives, academic and learning resources, student development programs, and multicultural and co-curricular activities.

In support of its mission, Cuyamaca College structures its planning processes and engages the college community by pursuing the following priorities, which form the foundation of the 2016-2022 Strategic Plan:

  • Acceleration
  • Guided Student Pathways
  • Student Validation & Engagement
  • Organizational Health

Cuyamaca College's values are:

  • Equitable Access: We value equitable access that facilitates participation in academic programs and support services needed to meet students' educational goals.
  • Individual Student Success: We offer courses and programs leading to degrees, certificates, transfer, employment, personal enhancement, and lifelong learning.
  • Academic Excellence: We employ a variety of methodologies and technologies responsive to students' needs and conducive to students' varied educational and experiential backgrounds and learning styles.
  • Innovation and Creativity: We value innovation and creativity in order to encourage our students to question and to expand their thinking.
  • Diversity and Social Harmony: We value and embrace diversity and create opportunities for our college community to work together to meet the challenges of a complex global society.
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability: We take pride in our campus and its resources, and we strive to be on the forefront of sustainability and green technology.
  • Strong Community Relations: We recognize our role in the cultural, educational, technological, and economic/workforce development of the communities we serve.