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About Us

About us:

Think Yes Bangladesh (TYB) is a voluntary organization which is founded by a group of enthusiastic youth who are prominent in their own line of work as well as share a common passion to work for the society. The TYB seeks to unite, inspire, and develop the next generation with the positive sense of humanity and make the best out of it. This group is really concerned and worried about the issues that directly affect our society.

TYB tries to reach the vulnerable people of remote areas as well as the whole country, we focus on various types of issues like malnutrition, health, child education, rehabilitation for the aged people, public awareness program, natural disaster etc. TYB helps those people who are unprivileged in the society and provides its best effort to find happiness and fulfill their basic human needs.


To become a self motivated voluntary organization of youths by understanding and fulfilling the needs of helpless people and developing a better nation for future generation.


TYB exploit the youth spirit to contribute to the poor and vulnerable population for sustainable national development.


The goal of Think Yes Bangladesh is to build an equal society for the next generation.


The main objective of TYB is to help the unprivileged people of the society and fulfill their minimum requirements of health, education, socio-economic condition by using their own ability and strength.