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About Us

Still Alive Today serves the victims, as well as offenders, and all family members who are impacted by crime. SAT seeks restorative justice by holding offenders accountable for their actions and helping them understand the effect crime has on individuals, families, and society as a whole. SAT is also prepared to help end the practice of treating juvenile offenders as adults in the criminal justice system, and offer alternatives, and hope, for all offenders suffering from drug addictions and mental health issues.
One of the primary functions of this organization is to foster artistic expression through therapy as a viable means of intervention, conflict resolution, and preparation for re-integration into society. Through art therapy, we can better understand our relationship with ourselves and others.
Being artistic, as it's so broadly called, is becoming a lost "art." We all have some sort of ability to express our views on what surrounds us, yet we are often times taught to ignore, and often times suppress, this form of communication as being frivolous in today's society. Even worse, we discourage "free thinking" when it comes to dealing with crime and punishment.
By creating a "level playing ground" where victims and offenders alike can be free to express their own ideas, this organization will seek out ways to help everyone develop the skills to move forward and appreciate the fact that we are still alive today.