Connectors Malmö

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About Us

Connectors may work as a small company but we aren’t here for the money. We are passionate about change, new ideas, new ways of learning, exploring and giving back to the city.

We believe a better world is possible and it's our responsability to make it happen.

Giving back for us means sharing what we know and understanding what is needed around us. We try to create the right space for that sharing process to happen. We started Connectors because we like starting new things. We live to experiment and do things in a different way.

We are doing Connectors because we want to use our skills to make the world a better place for all, starting from home in the south of Sweden.

We want to experiment, create, learn, document, meet people doing amazing things, have a flexible schedule and have an impact in the world.

We believe that social innovation is about people and sustainability is a political statement.