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About Us

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center is a 501(c)(3) educational organization based in Ester, Alaska (5 miles west of Fairbanks). Our mission is to encourage local, ecologically based food production and environmental awareness through experiential education in natural and farming ecosystems. Situated on thirty acres of land, the center consists of a small, diversified organic farm (5 acres) operating within an ecologically diverse natural area. The undisturbed area surrounding the farm is representative of the northern boreal forest and provides an excellent opportunity for exploring natural and farming systems side by side. The farm is designed based on permaculture principals and is dedicated to ecological agriculture practices, such as composting, seed saving, cover cropping, crop rotation, and companion planting. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, northern fruit varieties, an array of cut flowers and incorporate bees, chickens and goats into the farm system. The majority of our produce and farm products are directly marketed to community members through our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) project. The Calypso staff has extensive experience in farming, natural science and environmental education. In addition to growing food, Calypso works collaboratively with local organizations to provide hands-on educational and research opportunities in ecology and sustainable agriculture for children, college students, local community members and farmers, statewide. Calypso is the first such center in the state of Alaska and will serve as a model for other farms and communities. Calypso has a variety of internships, jobs, apprenticeships, and volunteer opportunities available. Please visit our website - - for more information!