FOJP Service Corporation

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28 East 28th Street
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New York
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About Us

FOJP Service Corporation is one of the largest nonprofit insurance and risk management organizations in the country and a leader in the risk management community. Since 1977, FOJP has administered property and casualty insurance programs for a group of major hospitals, long-term care facilities, and social service agencies in the metropolitan New York area. Some of the city’s most important and highly regarded academic medical centers — and more than 10,000 physicians — participate in FOJP’s medical professional liability insurance program, the first of its kind in the nation.As risk management advisors to its clients, FOJP has a deep interest in initiatives to reduce patient injury and improve clinical outcomes. FOJP systematically collects and analyzes data on incidents, losses, and claims; helps identify potential hazards; investigates adverse patient incidents; provides claim management and continuous monitoring of legal services; and coordinates a vigorous defense to minimize losses and discourage frivolous lawsuits.