University of Oregon - International Studies Master's Program

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About Us

Our graduate program attracts students who want to make a positive difference in the world. For example, if you've had practical experience doing development, consider coming to Oregon to study rapidly changing, complex global issues to help you bring about transformative change in the world. We offer an interdisciplinary M.A. degree in international studies for students who contemplate careers in international affairs, international development, diplomacy, international organizations, or domestic organizations with an international focus. A minimum of 73 credits must be completed for the degree.

The degree program can be tailored to meet the unique professional needs of each student. In close consultation with a faculty adviser, the student develops a program that combines expertise in a specific professional area with interdisciplinary training in international studies. Areas of professional concentration include comparative development, cross-cultural training, cultural arts, environment, food and food systems, gender and development, health, international community development, international education, international tourism, journalism, migration, non-profit management, and public policy and planning. Concentrations in other professional areas can be arranged.

Graduates of the Department of International Studies serve as international development practitioners, technical advisers, career diplomats, community development professionals, international business and trade experts, analysts in developing countries, international educators, administrators of international programs, and cross-cultural communication consultants.

International Students. International students are encouraged to apply. Study programs are designed to meet students’ professional needs and those of their home countries. As many as half the program’s graduate students are international students.

Concurrent J.D./M.A. Degree. A four-year program for students interested in international human rights, this program provides background in legal theory and instruments sensitive to social, cultural, economic, and political realities against which international human rights law is implemented. Future lawyers concerned with asylum, immigration, or public interest law benefit from the study of international relations and cross-cultural communication.