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About Us

The Institute for Free Speech exists to protect and defend the First Amendment’s speech freedoms. We believe that differing opinions and new, challenging ideas make for a more robust democracy. We believe free speech makes it possible to improve our country and our lives. We believe free speech makes those in power more accountable to the people. We believe government should never decide who can speak and who can’t. We believe government should never decide how much speech is too much.

We put those beliefs into practice by championing free speech for all: those less powerful, those who think differently, those with ideas that may be unpopular at the moment, and those who believe there may be a better way forward. Every day we go to work, and dedicate ourselves to protecting and defending every American’s ability to exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech. 

The nonpartisan Institute for Free Speech defends the First Amendment on many fronts. We go to court to help clients protect their rights and set new precedents. We work with government officials to craft laws that expand free political speech rights and are consistent with the Constitution. We produce research on which we build a strong case for political speech rights. We communicate with and educate the public, legislators, organizations, and the media to enable every American to understand the importance of the First Amendment’s political speech freedoms. Our many successes in these areas have served to expand free speech protections for individuals and organizations.