G-lish Foundation

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About Us

G-lish Foundation, an award-winning NGO in Ghana, Africa, helps impoverished women and youth develop sustainable sources of income, regenerate the environment, and develop projects that create a prosperous and safe future, hence the tagline: “Income Generation, Re-Generation, Next Generation” and the "G" in G-lish.

We were excited to be recognised for our work in social entrepreneurship and our efforts towards poverty reduction underpinned by sustainable, eco-friendly development by winning a SEED Award from the SEED Initiative in 2010. The award included a rigorous application process explained in our volunteer in Africa brochure.

G-lish Foundation international volunteers gain valuable work experience in Africa and a deep sense of achievement when they apply their talents and skills in G-lish volunteer abroad projects in Ghana. G-lish welcomes volunteers interested in business support, women and youth empowerment, environmental projects, IT, arts and crafts development, writing and social media. We outline our projects in detail at our Volunteer in Africa page on our website.