Our Needs Foundation

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About Us


Our Needs Foundation (ONF) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-denominational concerned with issues affecting the development of the youth, women and children in the country. Our Needs Foundation was founded in january 2011 but was officially recognized in May 2013 with the registration number CG044732013. The idea was spearheaded a Ghanaian Social Worker and a Professional Community Health Nurse, after a series of deliberations and thoughts on how to curb the upsurge of moral degradation and problems facing the youth and women as a result of a number of factors such as unemployment, streetism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, child labour, rural-urban migration, violence against women and children, HIV/AIDS and others.


  1. To support brilliant but needy children in deprived communities.
  2. To support very poor parents and families
  3. Support for women and children
  4. To assist youth development
  5. To promotes health care
  6. Promotes education
  7. Provide good drinking water to deprived and slum communities
  8. Campaign and educate women council on unsafe abortion


To reduce unemployment, child mortality, robbery, street children and child trafficking in the communities.