Sacramento Mayor Elect Kevin Johnson

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2030 16th Street
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About Us

On November 4th the people elected Kevin Johnson to lead Sacramento with a clear mandate for change. After playing in the NBA for twelve years, Kevin Johnson founded a non-profit organization focused on community revitalization. As CEO he attracted and planned businesses creating nearly 300 jobs, catalyzed economic development in the region, created seven successful schools that significantly raised student achievement and he is now focused on bringing about change in Sacramento. As Mayor he has pledged to make Sacramento a city that works for everyone. With a small staff, the Mayor’s goal is to change the way politics works in Sacramento – to ensure that decisions are made based on the interests of its citizens and children, and not based on factions or party politics. We are seeking to create a dynamic team that will work relentlessly to create a vibrant Sacramento, increase safety, improve schools and strengthen the city’s economy.