CYC (Community Youth Center of SF)

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1038 Post Street
San Francisco
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About Us

Community Youth Center (CYC)
Founded in 1970, CYC was born out of a need for increasing awareness and activism in the Asian community. Originally established to address the problems of juvenile delinquency and gang violence rampant in Chinatown and the surrounding neighborhoods, CYC has grown and adapted over the years to meet the needs of our community. We offer services focused not only on prevention and intervention, but also on the development of our youth's potential to become active and productive citizens.

Today, CYC offers a continuum of services directed at responding to the complex set of issues our youth face. Our services help youth with challenges such as acculturation, difficulties in school, economic hardship, and gang involvement. We also provide programs aimed at educational enrichment, job-readiness, and leadership building.
With dedicated staff working alongside social workers, school personnel, community leaders, family members, and volunteers, CYC has earned a unique reputation as a key agency for Asian youth services and development in San Francisco.