Buea School for the Deaf

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About Us

Buea School for the Deaf (BSD) is a boarding school for deaf children located in Buea, Cameroon. It was opened in 2003 and placed under the authorisation of the Ministry of Social Affairs - Registration No. 0005/A/MINAS/SG/DPPHPA/SDRPH - 4th July 2007.

BSD was founded by a deaf couple, Mr. Aloysius N'jok Bibum and Mrs. Margaret Lloyd Bibum. BSD Currently has over 120 students in classes that range from Nursery to Secondary School along with a Technical and Vocational Section.

The school was established with the following educational and humanitarian objectives:

  • To provide formal education programs that foster the moral, intellectual, physical and social development of deaf children and youths into society.
  • To promote the effective integration of deaf children and youths into society.
  • To promote access to education at all levels of deaf children and adults.

We are always seeking new volunteers to bring expertise and new ideas to the school. We have volunteer positions for teaching, administrative work and fundraising.

See our website at www.bueaschdeaf.org for more information.