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About Us

Jhatkaa is a multi-issued advocacy organisation that unites Indian voices across class, caste, region and religion to build strategic grassroots civic power in order to compel decision makers to put the common good ahead of corporate, sectarian and partisan interests. Jhatkaa will hold political, corporate and cultural leaders in India accountable at key decision moments, working in real time with the public by using the latest digital tools such as email, mobile phones & social media in addition to the traditional tools of advocacy. Jhatkaa will provide key information on the breaking decision and offer opportunities for collective citizen action to impact that outcome. It may be through a petition to sign, a phone call to make, or a rally attend -- we will engage with whatever creative tactic is most strategic to create a change in the status quo and escalate those voices by working in sync with the media.

Jhatkaa’s day-to-day agenda will be set by the members themselves depending on what they care about, it could be responding to the latest scam, an un-kept promise on an infrastructure project or an outrageous violation of human rights. Our long term agenda will be guided by a shared vision of a more equal, sustainable, and inclusive India whose people are guaranteed basic resources and fundamental rights.