Kennesaw State University American Humanics Student Association

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About Us

American Humanics is an academic program with a practical, experience-based approach to preparing students for leadership roles in the growing nonprofit sector. Our program offers students specialized academic and on-the-job training to prepare for administrative and executive roles in nonprofits. The program draws students from a variety of academic backgrounds including human services, accounting, communications, and other degree programs. Average annual growth for nonprofits (2.5%) was higher than for business (1.8%). (, 2005)

KSU’s Humanics Program is affiliated with American Humanics, Inc., a national organization that collaborates with college/university programs and nonprofit agencies to recruit, prepare, and place students in meaningful careers in the nonprofit sector. Participating in the American Humanics Program builds on and enhances your chosen major course of study and provides you with the tools to achieve professional success.