Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek


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About Us

The Evangelical Theological Seminary is an international, interdenominational institution of high education dedicated to Theology education and training with particular focus on Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. We are dedicated to providing quality, Biblically based, theological education from an evangelical perspective. We are committed to training theologians, pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, activists and teachers of Christian education and theology. This is accomplished through classroom instruction, seminars, independent supervised study, development of community life, exercise of practical ministry, education by extension, specialized institutes, and sponsorship of conferences in partnership with existing and emerging Christian movements in these countries.

Our Seminary has the unique ability to develop an ethos that consists of five distinctives: 1.Transdenominational Awareness, Interdenominational Dialogue 2. Multicultural, Multi-ethnic Education 3. Relevance to Modern Society 4. Academic Excellence 5. Christian Spiritual Formation

Equal opportunity policy The Evangelical Theological Seminary affirms that unity of purpose among all its employees and students are essential to the fulfillment of its mission. The Evangelical Theological Seminary further affirms that all people are created in the image of God, and therefore, are to be afforded equal opportunity.

These are some of the institutes that operate under the ETS umbrella: Institute for Christian Pedagogy, Institute for Life, Peace and Justice, Institute for Counseling, Audio-Video and Media center, Institute for Pastoral Studies etc.

ETS organizes conferences, seminars, round tables, cooperates with a number of local and international institutions and organizations, NGOs, local and state bodies and organizations within the areas of peace and culture of peace, justice, reconciliation, gender, non-violence, religion/faith, etc.

ETS participates in a number of research projects together with partner-institutions/faculties and universities from Europe and U.S.A. exploring the role of religion in peace and conflict, and gender, identity and culture interconnectedness and relevance.