Full Circles Foundation

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About Us

Full Circles Foundation is a long-term, multi-intervention empowerment track in the Southeastern US for girls who face structural obstacles to achieving their full potential. Our community-powered continuum of programs fosters personal health and wellness, environmental literacy, civic efficacy, and entrepreneurial know-how. Taken together, our programs grow strong girls, a fair economy, and a healthy earth.


Our Three Themes:

Strong Self

The theme of strong self focuses on the importance a girl's healthy relationship with herself: her body, her mind, and her heart. This theme is emphasized through hands-on education in health and wellness, creative communication, and civic efficacy.

Strong Neighbor

This theme emphasizes the importance of a girl's healthy relationship to her neighbors, from those that share her home to those who live on the other side of the world. This theme manifests itself in our civic efficacy programs, social entrepreneurship training, and community service - Full Circles Foundation understands these to represent the three primary spaces in which people interact with one another (the public square, the marketplace, and the front porch).

Strong Home

This theme focuses on the importance of a girl's healthy relationship with her home, from her neighborhood to the world at large, which we all share. This theme addresses environmental literacy: the ability to read, to understand, to appreciate, and to interact healthfully with the natural world that is all around us.


Our Principles:

Indivisible Health. Individual health, environmental health, and community health are interwoven. Accordingly, Full Circles Foundation builds our programming to illuminate these connections and to foster a holistic health.

Lateral Power. Power, the ability to turn dreams into reality, is something to be shared and nurtured within each of us, not hoarded by only a few. Full Circles Foundation shares power in our decision-making and aims to nurture empowerment within our participants.

Strength in Diversity. The most diverse ecosystems are also the most resilient; similarly, the most vibrant human communities are those in which diversity is accepted and celebrated. Full Circles Foundation cultivates within our community a diversity of perspectives, skills, interests, temperaments, forms of intelligence, and experiences, and we are the stronger for it.

Feedback. Human communities can get smarter over time, but only if we have trustworthy ways to gather feedback! Full Circles Foundation prioritizes gathering both formal and informal feedback. We want to know what you think!

Human Relationships. Relationships are the vehicle for the most enduring forms of empowering change. This is why Full Circles Foundation does not have "clients" and we don't "provide services." We are a community of neighbors, allies, and friends.