Animal Friends Jogja (A.F.J)

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About Us

It all began with the individual works and awareness of six individuals living in Yogyakarta who were working to better the plight of animals in their community. In early 2010, they got together and decided that joining forces would be more effective in educating the community, and formed a small group they called 'Animal Friends Jogja [AFJ]'. AFJ is now still a non-profit organization based in Yogyakarta that is commited to improving the welfare of the animals in the community through proactive education, advocacy,campaigns, rescues, , networking with related organizations and communities, and promoting grassroots activism. We endeavor to relieve suffering and overpopulation by providing medical care, spay and neuter (sterilization), fostering / adoption for stray-neglected-abused companion animals, and by educating children and adults in animal welfare & nature conservation.

We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve. Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation. We are simply friends who support sustainable living in balance and with respect of humanity's symbiotic relationship with the Earth's natural cycles and ecology. We are simply friends who are small in number and resources but always take these challenges on with a lot of heart. We rely only on the kind efforts of our volunteers and individual contributions and that's why we need you, friends of the animals!

We need help with:

  • Feed and water animals
  • Dog Walking
  • Bathe animals
  • Help intensive care for some animals
  • Create enrichment equipment / toys for animals
  • Clean animal areas / cages
  • Gather information / data about adopted animals
  • Find temporary homes for candidate animals
  • Introduce, deliver and carry out home visit follow-ups with new adopters and animals
  • Assistance for Education and Neuter Program
  • Documenting AFJ activities or events
  • General administration duties such as writing/mailing letters; receiving phone calls, text messages, and office visitors; stocktaking; creating/filling office displays, etc
  • Join radio program / talk shows to talk about AFJ
  • Research / write articles to be translated about animal welfare issues