The Table Associates LLC

  • NY


603 Bergen Street #203
United States

About Us

The Table is a gathering place for the practice of art and yoga. Through adaptive and creative programming in these synergistic practices, The Table fosters a sense of place and community. All activities take place in a beautiful, industrial, live-work loft in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and are offered as service to the community rather than as commercial endeavor. Programming is built around social interaction, creativity, and artistic and personal growth, and fosters a thriving community of like-minded yogis and artists.

By creating a focal point in space — the Table — around which people gather, we aim to provide a nourishing environment for individuals to pursue their highest aims with the support of community, training, and opportunity.

The Table community includes a core group of yoga teachers and artists, and engages invited guests with specific expertise to guide and invigorate the dialogue.