Ovulavu Light Foundation

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About Us

Light Foundation..is a Non Government Organization

Established in KENYA for the purpose of Mentoring young girls from poor backgrounds, providing them with Material support such as Sanitary towels, Scholarship Grants with our main being to boost their Education Standards and Self Esteem of this Girls. This Organisation was arrived at after a through statistic was carried out about A Girl child in Kenya. Its confirmed that a huge population of girls from the age of 9-17 years have been victims of social injustices such as rape, early pregnancies, school drop outs ,and forced marriages. This all happens because the society tends to have neglected the girl child because in most Societies in Kenya A woman tends to have no say .

Light Foundation are out to see to it that Our girls in the 47 Counties within Kenya are empowered hence enabling us to achieve our goal of raising A Breed of Empowered women Nation Wide.