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About Us

Parity is a faith-based, LGBTQ-focused organization that creates open and nurturing spaces to:

•  Support emerging LGBTQ pastors as they live into their callings.

•  Empower LGBTQ and allied young people to integrate their spiritual, gender and sexual identities.

•  Proclaim this message of celebration from the pulpit, in the media and in other venues.

We work and pray together to create a world where gender and sexual identity are not barriers to living the whole, full lives that we are called to by God.

Our principal programs include:

•  Retreats and Conferences for the spiritual nurture and support of LGBTQ-identified faith leaders.

•  Equipping churches and congregations to address LGBTQ youth homelessness and suicide and to engage in bridging work between conflicting ideologies.

•  A youth ministry that generates affirming, faith-based conversations about sexual and gender identity through educational workshops, retreats and other programs.

•  The Parity Awards, an annual recognition program celebrating leaders in the movement toward celebration of faith, sexuality and gender.