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About Us

In the aftermath of a disaster, fuel is a crucial, life-saving resource that enables first responders and aid workers to undertake search and rescue operations, provide emergency medical services and shelter, deliver food and water, heat camps, power equipment and ensure light source. As we have witnessed time and time again, disasters often result in fuel shortages, leaving survivors without the means to travel to medical facilities; light, heat or cool their homes; or even feed their families.

Fuel Relief Fund (FRF), is a volunteer-driven 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization with a ten-year track record of successfully solving emergency fuel needs in major disasters across the globe. Comprised of highly-trained, specialized volunteers within the disaster response and fuel industries, FRF teams deploy to a disaster site and utilize industry expertise to provide fuel distribution resources and re-open the fuel supply chain. FRF is the only charitable organization in the world focused exclusively on resolving the systemic gap in fuel supply after major disasters, and providing free fuel (as well as propane, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, coal, and other energy sources) to those who need it most.

Since our inception in 2005, we have developed a tested methodology and have served disaster survivors and the humanitarian organizations that support them in the Philippines, Japan, Turkey, Nepal, Haiti, Ecuador, the continental United States, and Puerto Rico.