Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc.

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About Us

Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc.’s mission is to encourage the community to work together to provide youth, of disadvantaged and/or low-income families, enriching experiences for healthy development.


Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. sponsors youth of disadvantaged and/or low-income families who live in the State of Indiana to participate in activities. Youth sponsored must be in Grade K5 through 12th. Although sponsorship is based on each individual circumstance, youth eligible for free or reduced lunch and/or book fee assistance through their school system, receives primary consideration

Community Workshops and Activities:

Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. provides workshops for parents and youth to encourage personal and professional development. These workshops bring awareness to high risk youth behavior, reviews Indiana specific statistics and shares ways to ensure youth reframe from participating in these behaviors. Activities/workshops are designed to encourage parents to bond with their children, build youth self-esteem/confidence, encourage youth to excel academically and volunteer in the community (example activities: reading/writing club, making ornaments/book marks, planting seeds for gardens, etc.).