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About Us

Special Gifts Theatre, Inc. provides creative drama classes and theatre programs to children with special needs (physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and learning). The program is designed to motivate and honor the creative spirit in each individual. The mission of Special Gifts Theatre is to build and foster personal growth and artistic self-confidence in an atmosphere that is nurturing and non-competitive. It is part of our mission to provide disability awareness to the community by breaking down disability stereotypes. Special Gifts Theatre creates specific opportunities for children and teens with and with out special needs to work together by mainstreaming students when they have developed the appropriate social and artistic skills necessary to succeed.

We make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch! What we do has a profound, positive and lasting impact on the lives of every student, every mentor, every volunteer and every audience member we come in contact with. We do it one individual at a time! While the programming is organized in group classes, we focus on each student as an individual whose potential can be unlocked through individual attention. Everything is done with respect and compassion! We treat every student with special needs, every mentor, every volunteer and every special gifts staff person with the utmost respect and compassion. We celebrate success at every turn! We focus on every step of the journey taking time to celebrate what is accomplished along the way no matter how small. We celebrate not only the achievements of our students but the efforts of our staff and volunteers.