Outré Theatre Company

  • Florida


50 West Atlantic Boulevard
Pompano Beach
United States

About Us

Our vision is to be a theatre that nurtures the creative spirit of individuals and the community, through original and established works, utilizing a variety of mediums to engage the souls and imaginations of the artists and the audience. Our mission is to create theatre which stimulates thought, provokes reflection, and encourages activism.

Thought-provoking Theatre

Every year, Outré produces between three and five full-scale productions, with titles ranging from off-kilter Broadway hits (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, tick, tick...Boom!) to modern challenging works (Mr. Marmalade, An Iliad) to classic literature (Much Ado About Nothing, Othello). Our productions are intended to be both entertaining and intellectually engaging. In addition to the full productions, Outré also stage one or two concert productions or readings every year.

Education and Internship

Outré partners with local universities and high schools to give young people a taste of what life in professional theatre is like. Our partnership with Florida Atlantic University has been especially fruitful, with FAU students and alums working as actors, stage managers, and designers. In this way, we give students a means of experiencing theatre in its active form.

Giving Back

Outré recognizes that an essential part of art is supporting the community. To that end, with every production we partner with a local or national charity in order to raise awareness, funds, and/or material goods. Past partners have included the Marfan Foundation, the Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence (AVDA), and Race to the Rescue.

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