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About Us

Mission Statement: Founded by Risha, then a 7yrold in 2004, the mission of the Kids Who Care Foundation is: •Bring joy and cheer to kids with major surgeries •Enable parents to share with friends and family their child’s difficult but courageous journey on-line for free •Provide education and support groups for children with Pancreatitis as well as their families. About us: This is how it all got started: Risha, then a 7 year old who underwent an Auto Islet Cell Transplant in March 2004 for Chronic Pancreatitis, understands very well the challenges of being in the hospital room and staring at the bare white walls! The Kids Who Care Foundation, a non-profit foundation, was founded by Risha to help and support other kids with Pancreatitis and other chronic diseases. Risha’s current mission as an 8 year old is to brighten the days at the hospital for kids that are having major surgeries. She does this by making giant “quilt cards” with the help of her sister Rhea and Kids Who Care Club kids. They send them cards with the hope of making them feel better and making their rooms cheerful from the kids who care! Risha also makes presentations at schools to educate kids on Pancreatitis/ Diabetes at an 8 year old level. She calls this the Kids Who Care Club, a program of the Kids Who Care Foundation. Kids Who Care Club is headed by kids under the direction of caring adult volunteers. KWCF’s program “My Journal”, also allows parents to write journals, upload pictures and write messages on the Message Board for their sick child online for free. Information on Pancreatitis is provided to create awareness on Pancreatitis and to create a support network for kids with Pancreatitis. So please help Risha and Kids Who Care Foundation make a difference!

KWCF is an independent non profit foundation which develops and operates its own programs. KWCF’s programs are open to all children and their families regardless of their medical condition. All Kids Who Care Foundation programs are offered free of charge and supported through generous contributions of our sponsors. Please remember KWCF when contemplating your charitable contributions.